EPABX System

EPABX System
EPABX is an abbreviation that stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It comes under the category of business phone systems which serve a business environment. Multi-line connections can be made through a single telephonic connection. It is an office equipment of immense use for telephonic connectivity with extensions of a single phone line.
Business Phone System for Office Communication
EPABX has proven to be of immense use in communicating within office, making routine work simpler. It can be defined as a switching system for calls that enables both internal as well as external switching functions in an organization. Typically up to 10,000 subscribers can be accommodated by a single EPABX system.
Range of Functions
EPABX as a business phone system possesses a versatile range of functions. The numerous tasks that can be performed by EPABX are listed below.
• Auto Attendant
• Automatic call distributor
• Automated directory services (where callers can be routed to a given    employee by keying or speaking the letters of the employee's name)
• Automatic ring back
• Call accounting
• Call forwarding on absence
• Call forwarding on busy
• Call park
• Call pick-up
• Call transfer
• Call waiting
• Conference call
• Custom greetings
• Customized Abbreviated dialing (Speed Dialing)
• Direct Inward Dialing
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA) (the ability to access internal features    from an outside telephone line)
• Do Not Disturb (DND)
• Follow-me
• Music on hold
• Night service
• Shared message boxes (where a department can have a shared voicemail box)
• Voice mail
• Voice paging (PA system)